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What is SEO?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the process of optimizing your website so that it will rank higher in the Google Search results for specific keywords and generate targeted, organic traffic. It is often preferable to the “Pay Per Click” (PPC) alternative Adwords because instead of paying for every person that comes to your site, you can instead get unlimited targeted traffic by naturally ranking for that keyword.

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A Quick Case Study

Imagine for a second that you sell used cars in Philadelphia.

Let’s say you make 20 sales a month at $1,500 profit per car sold.

Now, if I came to you and said that I can get you on the first page of Google for the keyword/search phrase “used cars for sale in pa”, what would you say? Probably something like “why would I care about that?”.

Well, let’s look at the numbers real quick….

SEO Services, Destroyer MarketingNotice the search volume is 8,800 people? That means that every month, 8,800 people who most likely want a car (I mean, how many people search for “used cars for sale in PA” just for fun?) would be seeing your website as the first result on their Google Search.

Speaking as a fellow Google user, I don’t typically go past the first page of Google results. Furthermore, I typically click on the first 3 results.

So, if you were ranked on the first page for this term you would conservatively get around 3,500 unique and targeted visits to your website.

If you paid for this in Google Adwords, it would be roughly $2.5 per visit (see the screenshot above). That means that you would need to pay Adwords around $8,750 for this same exact traffic.

Let’s finish this case study up by showing the ROI of this type of service.

Out of the 3,300 people that visit your site, let’s say 10 people buy a car from you. Maybe that’s too high, maybe that’s too low, but that will depend on how well your website is designed to convert. Anyway, 10 sales at $1,500 a car is $15,000 in profit. And that’s just for one keyword…

Using SEO, we never target just one keyword. We try to get you in front of as many people as possible by targeting multiple targeted keywords at once.

After we get you on the front page for a keyword, we maintain your position there, and target a new one! In this sense, SEO is a compounding effort, with the return increasing the longer you stick with the service.

Our Process

We don’t do SEO the way our competitors do. Rather than to give you superficial results just to make you happy, we analyze and tackle the fundamental problems that your website has, which will bring you a much greater return in the long-run. This technique is based on data and results, and stems from our team’s unique background in engineering and data analytics.

Due to the time it takes for Google to register and react to our work, our service is broken into two-month modules that are designed to cover every aspect of the natural growth of your website.

SEO Services, Destroyer MarketingModule: Reputation Development

This is ALWAYS the first step of our campaigns, and it can take several different forms. Your website’s reputation is the backbone of your SEO-based success, but it is more often than not overlooked by other SEO providers. Have you noticed that the “big” websites like Wikipedia and Forbes always seem to be at the top of the search results? It’s because Google likes to show content from websites that it trusts. By employing a strategic mix of backlinks, local citations, social signals, and social bookmarks, we are capable of simulating natural growth that will force Google to notice your site and naturally rank you for some of the keywords that you are strongly optimized for.

In this module, we take a hard look at each of the pages on your site as well as your existing backlinking portfolio, and we determine the best method to enhance your current status. This often include both on-page optimizations, and a good deal of external backlinking.

Module: Keyword Procurement

This Module often follows the Reputation Development Module. It is designed to provide you with “easy wins” by identifying and targeting keywords that your site already ranks for in the top 5 pages (not on the first page), and strengthening your position on those keywords so that you can reach the first page of Google results.

We classify these as “easy wins” because if you are naturally ranking in the top 5 pages for a keyword, we assume (and then do the research to back up the assumption) that the relative competition is low for these keywords, and that they are capable of being increased to the first page.

This module involves identifying and analyzing some of the keywords that you website is already weakly ranking for. With a custom combination of backlinks, local citations, social signals, and social bookmarks that are tailored for the specific keywords, we are able to boost your website’s rankings for those keywords.

Module: Hybrid Balanced Development

Often, as the SEO campaign progresses, it is necessary to continue developing your website’s reputation score. This allows us to continue to rank for more competitive and difficult keywords in future months.

However, rather than solely focusing on building your reputation (as we do in the Reputation Development Module), this module splits the focus between reputation building and Keyword Procurement. This is most effective to use when we have a small number of targets or when there is only a small amount of work required to naturalize the backlink/optimization portfolio.

Advanced Module: Strategic Target Development

Down the line, after the website’s reputation and initial keyword base has been sufficiently developed, we can strategically target difficult keywords that have high competition. These keywords are typically the highly sought after keywords that have both high relevancy AND high traffic volume. While these keywords are always the ultimate goal of any SEO campaign, it is almost always necessary to first develop and fortify the website’s foundational SEO before it is possible to attempt this module.

Advanced Module: Geographic Growth

Depending on the industry and business, it is sometimes beneficial to specifically and strategically target geographic keywords like “Used Cars Philadelphia”. This module can either be used locally for your business, or for any geographic location that you would like to specifically target.

Is There Really Any Reason To Wait?

SEO takes some time to develop for a website. Given this, we expect to see results within 3-6 months of the start date, depending on the initial status of your website. When done properly, SEO can be one of the strongest driving factors for the growth of your business.

Schedule a SEO Consultation

If you are ready to move forward, or just have some questions, feel free to use the tool below to schedule a consultation session. Prior to the session, we will review your website and develop a custom SEO strategy based on your current situation.

We truly believe in our strategy, and we hope that it can be used to help others make their business successful.

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