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Hello Fellow Marketers, Clients, Prospective Clients, Friends, Family, and everyone in-between!

We want to welcome you to our first ever blog post. In this post, we will take a bit of time to tell you about Destroyer Marketing, and what you should expect from our blog.

What should you do? Nothing! Just read this post, and if you please, take some time to share your thoughts about us by commenting below. If you found this post interesting, share it with your friends.

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Where did Destroyer Marketing come from?

In 2010, Matt Cameron began playing around with the idea of making his own websites as a hobby. A few weeks later, he successfully started his own blog. Never satisfied with just one, he soon made two more, and threw in a forum for good measure.

After mastering the art of web design, Matt moved onto learning how to market products, through various techniques such as Social Media Marketing, Email Marketing, and Video Marketing.

Seven years, and over 43 websites later, he decided to create Destroyer Marketing as a way in which to use the skills that he had spent the last half a decade honing.

Today, Destroyer Marketing is definitely no longer a hobby. Matt is not the only employee, either. At the beginning of 2017, our team had completed over 91 projects, designed 141 logos (as you read this, those numbers are already outdated!), and spent countless amounts of hours designing websites, creating original content for social media, and more.

Destroyer Marketing was started with the hopes to provide others with a way to make their projects or businesses become a reality, without having to sink all of the time into learning how to build a website or master a programming language.

It is our hope that we are able to provide you with unmatched quality at a price that is much more affordable than that of our competition.

“Our company strategy is simple: customer first, exceed your expectations, and most importantly, crush the competition.”


What exactly do you guys do?

So glad that you asked!

We offer WordPress website design, YouTube/Video Production Services, Social Media Management Services, Search Engine Optimization Services (SEO), Managed Hosting, and much more. 

In other words, we allow your website visitors to be amazed by your fancy design, we drive more users to that website than your competition, we create videos that draw in your audience, we create content and campaigns that engage social media users and result in sales, and more.  

Don’t see what you were looking for above? We have you covered for pretty much any web based marketing or we have the industry contacts to help.

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Why Destroyer Marketing?

This is by no means supposed to be an advertisement, but we feel that it is very important to let you know what we stand for and why Destroyer Marketing is a bit different from the competition.


We do not believe that you should fit within our little “box” of doing business. We think outside of the box.

Have an idea that might be a bit unorthodox? We’re here to help, and we will give you fair, justified pricing to help you along the way.

If you have an idea that we don’t think will work, we will be honest and let you know (and if you really want it, we will do it anyway). The only way to see just how flexible we are is to experience it first-hand.


What does everyone love? Good value. We are not the kind of people who go to Lord & Taylor to buy a $6,000 custom suit. We go to Macy’s and get Tommy Hilfiger for $700, and still look sharp (sometimes we look sharper than our websites)!

Keep in mind, we’re also not the kind of guys who go to Sears and buy a $150 suit because we know it won’t look that good and it won’t last.

Think of our services along the same lines. We offer sharp websites and videos, great quality social media management, and, well, you get the picture. Everyone loves good value, and you won’t find better value anywhere else. We guarantee it.


Many people think marketing is about making things look pretty. While that is a part of marketing, that is simply not true. Everything we do is going to help you crush the competition.

Marketing is really about creating a comprehensive strategy to grow your business, and relay your message effectively to your customers. We know that, and aren’t the kind of firm that is going to simply make things look pretty.


It is all about you! Without customers, we are nothing. For that reason, we put the customer at the center of everything we do. You won’t find us rushing to get off of the phone. You will see that the customer (you) and your best interest are always top of mind for us. If you don’t want to recommend us to all of your friends and family, we aren’t doing our job right.

Why Destroyer Marketing?

Wait, I already answered that, why did you ask me again?!

OH! You’re wondering why in the world we would call a marketing firm DESTROYER MARKETING?!

Destroy(er)– creating a full plan to crush the competition.

Marketing– simply put, it’s what we do. Market.

We also like that the initials say DM, which can be a cool way of saying Digital Marketing.

Pretty simple, right?


The End

Thanks so much for reading our first blog post! There will be plenty more, ranging from new technology to marketing strategy to how to manage a website. Comment below with questions, find out more about the team through our About Us page, or reach out to us at contact@destroyermarketing.com.  

Keep Marketing,

The Destroyer Marketing Team

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More great things to come everyday!

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Destroyer Marketing is an all-purpose marketing firm that can help you with most digital based projects, from web design and SEO to video marketing and graphic design.

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