Our Story

Back in 2010, Matt Cameron began playing around with the idea of making his own websites as a hobby. A few weeks later, he successfully started his own blog. Never satisfied with just one, he soon made two more, and threw in a forum for good measure. After mastering the art of web design, Matt moved onto learning how to market products, through various techniques such as Social Media Marketing, Email Marketing, and Video Marketing. Six years, and over 23 websites later, he decided to create Destroyer Marketing as a way in which to use the skills that he had spent the last half a decade honing.

Destroyer Marketing was started with the hopes to provide others with a way to make their projects or businesses become a reality, without having to sink all of the time into learning how to build a website or master a programming language. It is our hope that we are able to provide you with unmatched quality at a price that is much more affordable than all of our competition.


Our Team

  • Matthew Cameron
    Matthew Cameron CEO | Founder

    Chemical Engineer by degree, Matt has been making websites, creating videos, and practicing SEO for the last seven years. Always looking to help others succeed, he created Destroyer Marketing in the hopes that he can help others to make their dreams a reality.

  • Douglas Engle
    Douglas Engle Senior Video Editor

    Doug is interested in a large variety of topics. From theoretical discussions to more practical skills such as Adobe Premiere Pro and Photoshop, learning new things is what drives him forwards. Doug joined Destroyer Marketing so that he could use his talents to help businesses grow and thrive.

  • Patrick M. Tiedeken
    Patrick M. Tiedeken COO | Social Media Director

    Born and raised in Southern New Jersey, Patrick graduated from Rutgers Business School with a degree in Marketing. As an experienced Social Media Marketer, Patrick joined Destroyer Marketing in 2016 to help clients drive sales through creation and implementation of bold social media strategy.

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